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Final Portfolio

Here’s my presentation!

Process: It made the whole process a lot easier that I had already-made content, so I just had to think about good ways to display it. I used a half-circle and square as the main part of my design, varying the border, fill, and text colors depending on the slide. Then I added a beginning and ending slide to introduce and conclude the slides. I tried to make it unique and cohesive, but also to have it visually interesting and effective.

Critique: I critiqued Michele Vroom and Aaron Rose’s projects. I was critiqued by Sister Foulk, Marinda Taylor, and Katie Odom, who suggested that I move some of the text down and deepen some of the colors. I tried to follow most of the advice given, but some of it I had to leave. It all helped my project become a lot better!


Magazine Spread

Here’s my magazine spread design!


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Magazine Spread Draft



This is my Magazine Layout Project Draft!

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Board Game Plus

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Movie Poster Project

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Photographic Study

This was a really fun project to create! It was really fun taking all the pictures of my little brother and editing and organizing them, and it’s really been a great experience that taught me a lot! To tell the truth, if it wasn’t a requirement to use Photoshop for this, I probably never would have done more than open the program, because from the surface it looked like a much more complicated and useless program than a different free one I was used to, but once I started to get more into it and figure out how it all worked, it was awesome to see all the tools I had to use, and be able to configure the images so much!

This is my collage grid of 9 photos:

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Photo Editing Activity

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Social Media Marketing – Circle J Games


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Magazine Content + Awesome Sketches


I’m really excited to do this magazine spread project! I’ll be creating a two-page article directed toward the youth (New Era). For my story I chose to write about the experiences I had when I was able to serve on a mini-mission for our church, and what I was able to learn because of the promptings we followed and the people we taught. It relates to my audience because of the truths I learned from my mini-mission, and also because many of them will be preparing to serve missions as well, and might want encouragement and/or an idea of what to expect like I did. I’ve posted my story here, along with some of the images I’m thinking of using in my design.



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