Company: Circle J Games

Objective: Create and build awareness for a blog website which features game reviews for all types of board games, and a place where I can eventually sell them as well.

Strategy: Create a website than ask for promotions and involvement from the companies whose games I review along with promoting it on Facebook and Google+ more.

Process and Reasoning: I had wanted to start this business and make a website for quite a while by now, so this seemed like a great opportunity. Once I was ready I made the website with my dad’s help and posted my first game review, then I later redesigned the logo and touched up on several parts of the site based on the critiques I had gotten on it. I wanted a nice, cheerful theme, which is why I picked my colors and logo design. It ended up a lot better than I imagined I would have been able to do!

Critique: I critiqued Kaia Joos and Seth Powelson’s projects. I received critiques from Kelton Brough and Sister Foulk, and they suggested that I change the logo I had up and use better images in my Facebook posts, all of which I followed. It was a fun process and I learned a lot!

Font Name: Segoe Print (Decorative)

Screenshot sourced from circlejgames.com