outdoorindoor foreground background rule-of-thirds lead-room

This project was a lot of fun, and I really liked all the different ways we applied it.

I took all of the images at my house in Missouri because when I went on a trip to somewhere else that would have worked well I realized I had forgotten a camera, so my outdoor one is a nice view of my front yard, and the indoor one is an arrangement I made on my brother’s dresser using some things we had around the house.

The foreground and background ones took a while before I finally got some pictures that worked, but it ended up being alright.

The Rule of Thirds image is a nice picture I took of my sister playing our piano, and the lead room is of the garage and canoes we have in our yard. Having the sky open in the corner creates a helpful section of white space that makes it look pretty nice.

I then took my images and edited them, sized them down to the right dimensions, and watermarked them. They all took some editing, but for the most part they weren’t too bad.