This was a really fun project to create! It was really fun taking all the pictures of my little brother and editing and organizing them, and it’s really been a great experience that taught me a lot! To tell the truth, if it wasn’t a requirement to use Photoshop for this, I probably never would have done more than open the program, because from the surface it looked like a much more complicated and useless program than a different free one I was used to, but once I started to get more into it and figure out how it all worked, it was awesome to see all the tools I had to use, and be able to configure the images so much!

This is my collage grid of 9 photos:


Here is the blend that I did:


My last two photos from different angles:



And one last photo I took because it looked pretty awesome:


Process:  Me and my brother had a really fun time taking the photos and getting pictures from a lot of different angles, and I was able to learn a lot more about lighting in the process. As I said above, Photoshop was kind of confusing to use at first, as I already understood a lot of the concepts like layers, but the interface and how to use them was completely different. Once I finally started to understand things and got my first draft put together, I didn’t have to change a lot, although I almost forgot to blend a photo, which I remembered at the last moment and barely in time to get it done! It was all really fun, and I learned a lot about editing pictures and blending, not to mention what I learned about Photoshop itself! It was also good to get critiques from others and be able to learn more about how others might see my compositions, as compared with myself.

Critiques:  I got critiques from Michele Vroom, Lisa Gonzalez, and Sister Foulk. They suggested that I change the tones, temperature, and saturation in several of the photos, so I spent some time adjusting those photos so that they would all look more unified. It was great to be able to hear other peoples’ opinions about it!

Also, the rubric was kind of unclear about whether they wanted the collage picture 1024 pixles wide or tall, so here’s a wider version of the same one just in case:


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