Here’s my video! The movie poster is so small because we live in a rural area, so when we finally took a trip to a larger town I was planning on printing my poster, but it was too large of a file size so they weren’t able to. Once we got back home I had to just print it as big as I could get it with our home printer. Also YouTube said I had to update my browser to use it, which I wasn’t able to do yet, and it wouldn’t let me upload the video file type to WordPress, so here’s a link to the video:

Message/ Audience: I wanted the message to be interesting, thought-provoking, and dramatic, with still a slightly fun and cheerful theme to it. It was fun to come up with the idea, and I wanted to share a new perspective on life with anyone who gets to see this. It would be for anyone who wants to know more about me and the crazy ideas I can have, and also for anyone who wants to see what experience I’ve had with design, and how I put stuff together. Oh, and it’s also for anyone who wants to see how much different I look in a white shirt as opposed to a green jacket. There’s a slight change at least.

Critique Report: I critiqued Heather Rhinehart and Marinda Taylor’s projects. I didn’t get any formal critiques because of how late I posted it, but I did get help, critiques and suggestions from my family members as I put everything together.

Fonts: Title – Segoe Print (decorative) and Impact (sans serif)  Body Copy – Movie Poster Font (sans serif)

Images: The images of me I took myself, and I got the other images from these sources: