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Process: I started out by coming up with a website theme that I liked, then thought of a design that matched and made some sketches of it. I decided to design my website for a subset of my own business, then got to work on the computer! It took me a lot longer than I expected, but I finally was able to put together a grayscale wireframe that I liked, and then I moved it to Photoshop to use as a guide for my full-color design. I had already chosen a color scheme (complementary, with dark blue and orange), so then I put together the full composition and exported it! My audience is board game designers who may feel overwhelmed or confused with how scattered the process is, and to provide them with a single place where they can go to help with designing, artwork, prototypes, production, and publishing, as well as a spot where they can freely discuss and collaborate on games.

Critique: I critiqued Heather Rhinehart, and Brittany Adams’ projects. I was critiqued by Briana Jossie, but I didn’t receive any suggestions. I still did my best to create a good quality product though, and took some suggestions from family members.

Color Scheme: Complimentary (blue and orange)

Fonts: Myriad Pro, Impact, Gill Sans Ultra-Bold (all Sans Serif), and Elephant (Serif)