Here’s my magazine spread design!


To create it I first made some sketches, then built a shape map based on that. It helped me to get a better idea of what I wanted to do, and realistically define what design would work best. I started off with my sketches, then moved on to my shape map. On my shape map, the darker blue boxes are where the images will go, and there is placeholder text where I decided to put my story. I also put some notes about the colors in the sketches. My audience was mostly youth who are still deciding about going on a mission, are already preparing to go, or aren’t sure if they want to do it, and for my message I wanted to show them how amazing missions can be, and try to help them prepare a little bit more for when they leave.

Here are my sketches:


And here’s my shape map:


And here’s my video:

Critique: I critiqued Heather Rhinehart and Aaron Rose with their projects, and I was critiqued by Kelton Brough and Celene Meza. They suggested that I add spacing in between my paragraphs, and that I change the foreground color from that bright blue to something that matches my color scheme a little bit better. I followed everyones’ suggestions, and I think it helped me be able to have a much higher quality project.

Fonts: Minion Pro (Oldstyle), Impact (Sans Serif) and Freestyle Script (Script)

Image Sources:

I got the last image from myself.